008 – Chrissieism’s! – 21st April 2019

Shortly after entering the Rockies the road began to climb and the scenery improved significantly from that which we had been used to over the last few days.

With the sun shining we entered the small town of Canmore where we planned to spend the next six nights. Canmore is located just outside the Banff National Park and we hoped it’s location would serve well as a base to explore the many sights of the National Park.

We had booked ourselves into a self catering apartment and were looking forward to being able to cook and eat healthier food than we had whilst we were on the road. As the apartment wouldn’t be available for another couple of hours we decided to do some grocery shopping.

The view as you leave Canmore Safeway’s.

All stocked up we travelled back to the apartment and checked in. Having unpacked food and clothes, and with the washing machine and dryer working overtime, we began to relax in our new home.

With a good strong internet connection Chrissie set about FaceTiming family back home and it was lovely to catch up with everyone. Now at this point I should point out that Chrissie has gained a bit of a reputation for what we call “Chrissieism’s” where what she actually says isn’t quite the same as what she actually meant to say, and some Chrissieism’s have caused much hilarity.

I was preparing dinner and nearly dropped a pan of bolognese sauce when I heard Chrissie tell my daughter that she was going to be taken up the ‘back passage’. It subsequently turned out that she meant the ‘inside passage’ which is a coastal route for ships and ferries along the coast of British Columbia and Alaska.

It was only a few days after this that Chrissie saw a large number of birds swooping in the sky and turned to me to ask if I had seen all the ‘swofts and swillows’ by the lake.

Whilst it is never my intention to embarrass Chrissie I thought that now might be a good opportunity to share one or two other Chrissieism’s that have given me a chuckle over recent years.

The famous boxer and inventor of the grill – George Formby!
The famous composer – Mozart Boathaven!
Droplets of water on a waxed car have become known as wartlets!
A place to hang your pictures is now always referred to as a dildo rail!
A comment she made when looking out the window – “look at those birds on the fence pruning themselves”
Saving someones life using the hymen manoeuvre (my favourite!)
Her favourite clubbing music – Ministry of Defence

There are many more but it was only after much persuasion that she allowed me to put these out in the public domain – what a good sport!

With dinner eaten and after a final look out of the window to check on Stirling in the street below, and to take in the surrounding snow capped mountains, we had an early night in readiness for our first day in Banff National Park.

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  1. I’m going to adopt the Chrissie is S and then with a campaign to Susie Dent we can get them into the OED! The view from the car park makes supermarket shopping a delight


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