Ship from Felixstowe, UK to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

From there drive around 4,000 miles across Canada to Prince Rupert, British Columbia on the Canadian West coast before taking a ferry to the Prince of Wales Island in Alaska.

That was the only firm plan we had when we left the UK. The rest we will make up as we go along.

The red and blue dotted lines give an outline of our intended travel plan, however, the exact countries we visit, the exact route we take to visit them, and the time we stay in any one place will all be determined as we travel.

We will generally follow the route shown on the above map, but as always this will be subject to a number of factors some of which could be beyond our control, such as global events (protests, wars), natural events (fires, volcanic eruptions, storms), our budget, our health and the health of our families.

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