We’re travelling the world in our Land Rover Defender – what an adventure!

Even though I’ve written the words, and tell everyone we meet about our exciting plan it still feels like a dream. After many months of talking, worrying, planning and then some more talking, worrying and planning we’re finally doing it.

On 7th April 2019 we flew to Canada to collect our Defender (named Stirling) at the Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia from where we drove west to Alaska.

After spending several months soaking up the scenery, wildlife and hospitality of both Canada and Alaska we began our journey south and we will continue until we reach Ushuaia at the very bottom of Argentina. From this southernmost point we will travel north to Montevideo, Uruguay in order to ship our vehicle to Cape Town, South Africa.

Travelling north from Cape Town it will be a lifelong dream to experience the beauty and diversity of the African Continent.

Leaving Africa behind us we will venture eastwards through Asia until we reach our furthermost destination, New Zealand.

Shipping our vehicle from New Zealand will signal the start of the return leg of our journey that will eventually take us back to the UK (an approximate route of our journey is shown on the Route page of this website).

We have no idea how long this adventure will last or of the exact route we will take but our aim is to soak up the freedom of our new lifestyle, have fun enjoying our own company and the company of those we meet, make new friends, learn new languages (well try anyway!), learn about the places we visit – cultures, history etc. and finally see spectacular scenery and wildlife.

As we’ve grown older we’ve realised that nothing good just happens. It seems a funny thing to say but it seems to be true.

Certainly many good things happen in our lives, or at least we hope they do, but everything good that we can think of doesn’t just happen, there has to be effort on our part to make it happen.

So we are hoping to make good things happen.

In years to come we want to look back on our lives and  say “We can’t believe we did that” and not “We wish we had done that”.

Words are easy but making the effort to take the first step into a new adventure is hard and can be quite scary.

But we did it.  Defender Adventure.  Here we come!

And you are welcome to come along with us